At Greenville Mini Storage, we want to make your storage experience as wasy and convenient as possible.  We've provided some storage tips below in order to help you during the packing and storing process. 
  • Place frequently needed items closer to the front of the unit and any valuable items in the back of the storage unit.
  • Store a couch on its end and stack your boxes high to take advantage of our ample ceiling height.
  • When packing your storage unit, remember to leave a small walkway aisle so you don’t have to empty your entire unit to find something. Be sure to label your boxes.
  • Remember to defrost and empty your refrigerator before storing it. Remove the doors or place charcoal inside a stored refrigerator or freezer to prevent unwanted odors.
  • Use mattress and furniture covers for upholstered, leather or antique furniture.
  • Break down tables and bed frames and remove legs from furniture to maximize your square footage.
  • Do not store any food, chemicals or fuel in your unit.
  • Use a high-quality lock. We recommend and sell disc locks at all of our storage facilities.
  • Rakes, shovels and hoses can be easily stored in trash cans.
  • Keep track of your items in storage. A map and/or list of items in your storage unit is good for your homeowners/renters insurance and can also help you find needed items faster. 

Storage Tips

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